Every good result might be accompanied by some negativity. Same to HCG diet plan might be very effective but has its own side effects to an individual. Majority of us concentrate on how best it works, prescriptions, reviews and forget on how we should take care of the side effects or even talk about it. Well, its business and everyone would like to prosper so let other people talk on the negativity of the product. After all it can be taken care of. Let cross check on some of the possible side effects. This hcg review website has clearly stated that exercise is not at all recommended during hcg diet.So, if you are doing exercise during diet, then you will be facing some dangers with this diet.

  • Constipation

Regardless of how little food one takes, it may take three to four days for one to have his or her bowel movement. Majority may seem to ignore the fact that a lot of water is needed also in your HCG diet plan. To make your tack smooth and soften things up, have lots of water too.

  • Headache

It is normal for the body to react to different or strange intakes in it. The most common being headache if it is your first time on HCG diet plan. This can be taken care of by over the counter painkillers and if the headache persists, a dieter is advised to seek medical advice from a doctor.

  • Dizziness

This is just a minor effect which is common to low calorie dieters. Dizziness will be experienced in the first week of the HCG diet plan weight loss and disappears as time goes. Therefore, one has nothing to worry about the dizziness unless it becomes severe but it is just a temporary side effect.

  • Hair thinning

Note that hair thinning is different from hair loss therefore the two should not be mistaken. This might be probably due to lack of protein. Even though HCG drops contain protein and helps an individual from feeling hungry, this does not guarantee an individual from not taking proteins from other foods. So, one is encouraged to take a lot of multivitamin to avoid hair thinning.

  • Skin rashes

Anyone who is on HCG diet plan is prone to skin rash since his or her body is burning and consuming fat at a supersonic speed. Fat cells are also consumed hence realising normal toxins to the body. To dilute the toxins, one is required to take lots of water or else, will develop skin rush.

These are some of side effects of the HCG with some possible remedies. It is the duty of the dieter to take care of his/her health while on the HCG diet plan.

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