How to Eat Healthy When You Don’t Like Vegetables

Eating vegetables plays a big role in your health. But, what if you’re not a vegetarian? What will you do to encourage yourself eat vegetable.

It is a very common scenario in a family in which a member of the family may don’t like vegetables. How will you change that? The good thing is that there are several ways to make vegetables delicious.

As you know, different foods have different flavors including sweet, bitter, sour, savory and salty. The bitter taste of the food is the reason why most people don’t like it.

Many vegetables have bitter taste and this is the reason why children and even some adults avoid eating them. But, as a person grows older, you might overcome your aversion to vegetables.

If your growing children still don’t like to eat vegetables, it’s about time to do some strategies that will make the vegetables appealing.

  • Try a vegetable several times

Studies revealed that trying something several times is the key that you’ll like it eventually. This is also applicable with veggies. Likewise, you should also recognize the health benefits of the vegetable so that you can associate its taste.

Emphasizing the healthy benefits of vegetables to your kids can help to encourage them to eat veggies. You should not stop if they don’t like eating the veggie for the first time you introduce it to them. Be patient.

  • Try the vegetable in different ways

If you don’t want to eat vegetable that has bitter taste, you can combine it with another vegetable that has different flavor. This is the best way to obtain a match-made taste. Keep in mind that there are different ways to cook a veggie until you become used to its taste.

  • Proper preparation to obtain the right texture

Preparing the vegetable correctly can also help to make it appealing. Obtaining the enjoyable texture of the vegetable will also preserve the nutrients present. Once you prepare it correctly, you can then like the taste of it.

  • Camouflage

Trying to camouflage vegetables is the best way to do for you to like them. This means that you can combine vegetables to fantastic creamy soups. You can also combine the vegetable when making smoothie.

You can also add the shredded vegetables to muffins, breads and cakes. The flavor of the veggie become less intense once it is cooked. Making puree vegetables is also recommended and add them to pizza sauces, gravies, pasta and soups.

  • Experiment with different flavors

Cooking vegetables using different flavors is another way to get used to the taste. Combining it with savory dishes or marinades will lessen the intense taste of the vegetable.

This issue of not liking to eat vegetables is very common. Perhaps, you have adapted such attitude when you’re just a kid. But, believe me, as your taste buds mature the way you taste food also changes. In fact, you can also train your taste buds, it is just your willingness to try new foods.

Keep in mind that when you eat, you’re into a learning trial as if training yourself to like something. This is the reason why whatever the food you eat on a regular basis; your body will adapt it. This means that training yourself to eat vegetables is the key so that your taste buds will learn and get used to the flavor or taste of the different vegetables.

Vegetables may not be toothsome, but they are good nutritionally. With this, you can link a vegetable to any food that “tastes good” and set it in your mind. If the food you’re linking with is sweet, then you can easily appreciate the taste of a vegetable. It can be difficult at first, but you’ll enjoy it eventually. Checkout to learn more about healthy eating.

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